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I find that my fashion inspirations rarely come from runways, or classic icons like Jackie O, or Audrey Hepburn (although, who can refuse the way way off the shoulder billowy gown from Sabrina). RATHER, I find my inspiration from lesser known TV shows characters.

For example, Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote.

JB Fletcher rocks some of the best ’80s fashion I have ever seen. She mastered the blazer, romantic blouse, and low wedge. She usually sports a deliciously light scarf with about half of her outfits. One should also pay attention to her color combos, FAN-tastic. In season 7, she wears a deep red red blouse with a maroon blazer, the effect was dramatic and lovely at the same time.

These aren’t the best examples, but I love the way the neutrals are used so sweetly.

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The title is overused, but I couldn’t resist poking some love in the direction of several inspirations. And things that I adore and (to be festive) am quite grateful for.

1. Whole Lotta Lovely Blog — UK based totally femme blog. I quite died just looking at the first page. It has many charming ideas and sweet photo to inspire the creative soul.
http://wholelottalovely.wordpress.com/, can also follow her on Twitter @marienicols
Silk Pen, Whole Lotta Lovely

2. Etsy Artist Out of Line
I could not be more impressed with her clean lines, gorgeous simplistic style and use of solid colors. Favorite Gray Dress Will be consulting her for advice on where to find a REAL dress form.

3. DC Thrift Stores: Here is a sample of items I’ve procured from the DC metro area consignment shops. LOVE IT.

Fabric Scraps

Anthropolige Napkins

Camel Vintage Shoes

4. Freshly painted birds in my kitch.

Birds on a Wire

5. Time with family & friends. Hosted dear friends on Monday. Love you D&L!!!! They brought us the most gorgeous fall flowers. Will be seeing some of Mrs. T’s family today.

Flowers from D&L

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For many women, myself included, we find that once we get on the fashion wagon we get a little excited and then go slightly overboard, and then back again to the “whatever, whatever, white T and jeans.”

But, may I suggest that THAT is where we must press on and push forward.

I currently am wearing a fav outfit. Navy Cowlneck waffle cut shirt with sassy skinny jeans (skinny for me, “straight” for others and even beYOND skinny for some) and my bronze braid belt. Footwear: my old mocs from college (they really are the most comfy slippers, BUT not a Mrs. T approved fashion item).

Most women find that the changing of the seasons provides a sweet launch into the new and exciting, but occasionally the weather grossly mistreats us, throwing us back into the season we just left. That can be annoying, we have the gorgeous fall booties ready to go, the skarves in hand, the wool socks, the leggings and then WHAM! an 80 degree sunny day. Where we all in jovial fun comment on how much we just loooove the sun, and are so glad to have a few more warm days. Dag gum it, I want FALL!

So, this adds to the whatever, I’ll just throw on this that and the next thing, whatever is clean. Blah.

Now. Going back to point 1. — Falling OFF the wagon. Do you fall off the wagon? What I mean, is this. When you arise and are selecting your outfit for the day (or if like me, in your working women days you laid out your clothes the night before), do you grab the same three shirts or same pair of pants/jeans? What makes them your favs? Sometimes favs are truly fabulous (like the navy shawl collar shirt I am currently wearing), but some really are not. The trick to not falling off the fash-wag is to purchase items that will be easy to pull out of your armoire and delightful to wear all day long, while STILL looking sweet fresh and above all else, a little sassy.

Let’s talk about sass for a moment. What is sass? It is the essential element to any woman’s ensemble. For example. Lovely friend with covet-able brown wavy hair shows up to church in demure LBD, but no no no, snatch a look at her bright teal strappy flat sandals. YES. So it should be with any outfit. It does not mean that you must have an ostentatious piece on each outfit, but you DO need a bit of sass to make you look you.

So, I would say that when you’re quite certain you’ve fallen off the wagon, do a little clothing inventory and figure out exactly what you already own that will make your outfit sass a bit 🙂

Here’s to weathering the Fall & never falling off the wagon.

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