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Yesterday while keeping a quiet evening with Mr. T, I started work on the pomander ball, only to find that the picture was much more attractive than my creation.

Here are the directions and components I used:
1. Make a ball of something (I used crumpled tissue paper wrapped in lace)
2. Snip a square of felt
3. Snip square into a spiral (i.e. cut it into a circle then snip a smaller circle all the way round till your in the middle…see pic, haha!)
4. Roll spiral into flower
5. Pin flower to ball
6. Repeat until ball is full of pretty flowers

Constraints I ran into:
1. My felt was thinner than the pic
2. My felt was all red and brown (leftovers from a Birdy Pillow for Mum B)
3. The flowers I made were HUGE
4. The ball I used to cover was waaaaay too big
5. Pins I had were small, and unattractive colors, sad!
6. Way too much ball for too few flowers
7. Realized 1/3 way through that I am making a ball covered in small circles (my only phobia, small circles close together terrify me — i.e. a honeycomb makes my skin crawl).

So, I got about this far…made the felt flowers smaller (you only need about a 2″ square of felt to make one flower). And actually ended up doing one out of lace, which was SO pretty.

But, this morning I got up, looked at my little pathetic pomander and thought… maybe I could make them prettier with something else. SO. I decided to embellish a pair of scarlet heels, and purple long-T.

Scarlet heels I tweeted about Monday, now lavishly divine w/ new rosette love.

Perhaps the flowers are not to scale with the shoes, but I personally think they are dramatically whimsical. Will Etsy them, once I finish admiration process (may be a few weeks as they are SCARLET). Either way I can’t keep them because the are a size 9 😦 It was my only saving grace, otherwise New Year’s Party here we COME. But no…sniff sniff.

Daring combo: Purple and Scarlet. Just screams Russian Royalty.

And there is the shirt. I absolutely love purple and scarlet together. Such drama! I may Etsy the shirt (SZ S), if I can resist the urge to keep it myself.

BUT, have no fear friends. I WILL commence when I have thicker, better [more] felt, prettier pins AND a reason to have a pomander ball. This is not defeat, but a reassessment. Oh dear.


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