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While growing up my dearest older sister and I would continually joke about being the city and country mouse, even though we grew up together 🙂 So. Now, whenever we visit no matter where we’re coming from or going to, or who’s home we reside in, we know who is truly at heart, the country and city mouse.

So last night I collected my sister, and drove her to the Elle Street Inn, where we enjoyed grilled cheese & crab on sourdough. Delish.

Today we’ve been eating delicious food, talking non-stop, releasing patterns (check out Elegant Economy!), and shopping. I also poked my by entire yarn collection in my sister’s lap and asked for a proposed recommendation for each hank of yarn I own. Luckily she picked out all my needles and stash, so I just needed some additional guidance.

Also, thanks to my sweet sister, I have procured a fabulous flirty skirt pattern for the spring that I’ll be making dozens of, once I finish the bridesmaid entourage of dresses (pics to come).

We’re off to go shopping, will be tweeting our progress!

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My dear sisters are here on holiday! We’ll be posting pics & quotes from our adventures. TJs & silk flowers may make an appearance in the next pages! Who can resist mango, while snipping chiffon?

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Happy brand new baby year. The old man of 2010 seems quite glad to have passed on to better things.

So. Mrs. T did manage to complete her TY-notes in time to celebrate the new year with Mr. T.

New Year’s Eve. We had a delightful afternoon, watching the first Lord of the Rings (MEMORIES!). Then enjoyed a country Cajun dinner of pork chops, collard greens, cucumber salad and roasted potato sliders (another post will detail my recipes).

New Year’s Day. We woke up early, and with coffee in hand, I attacked the kitchen. I absolutely HAD TO domain the bakers rack. It had started having a mind of its own — and I needed to go through and reorganize (make a bit of room for some new treats Mr. T got me for Christmas). That afternoon we headed over to a dear friends New Year’s Day Fete. I just couldn’t go empty handed, so I scurried up to the Green Room and created these little darling wreaths out of simple materials.

1. Steal 3 little wreaths from Christmas Tree (by little I mean, 3″ in diameter)
2. Plug in [NEW] Mini Hot Glue Gun
3. Snip felt into flowers & bows
4. Glue bow and attach with feathers to wreath 1
5. Glue flowers and attach to wreath 2
6. Glue flowers and mini-gems to wreath 3
7. Admire and adore 🙂

Wreaths tucked on a little bit of paperboard with pink striped wrap beneath.

Close ups of each (just for fun). My favorite was the feather one. SO. Presh 🙂

So. I brought these along, wrapped in brown paper looking oh so cute. As I take down the tree today, I intend to transform each of the little wreaths into sweet winter cheery creations. So excited for what feathers, gems and a bit of glue will do for them!

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One of my friends got a book for Christmas called the “Forgotten Art of Letter Writing” …or Something like that. Any of these from Amazon may fit the bill

In it, it gives each and every detail about the etiquette, style and such for writing letters. One tid-bit I found particularly stinging was this: “If you have time to surf the web for 10 minutes, you have time to write a note.” Flashing into my mind at that moment: 52 uncompleted TY notes from the wedding!!!! OH. DEAR.

Thankfully, I have finished the Christmas Thank You notes, but now, Mrs. T must push forward and complete the ones that should have been done already. And, as everyone was so incredibly generous and gave us such beautiful useful things, how can I not just sit down and zip through them? I can! &. I will.

Hopefully all will be postmarked 31 December 2010.
Gorgeous clips from this delightful blog!
(Imagine this is posted 31 DEC.)

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So the new year is almost upon us, and my little Etsy shop (proposed to debut 15 Jan!) is coming along well. I’ve finally gotten my project room 100%. Here are some before and after pics:

Now that my working area is perfectly situated. The creativity can now commence! The fabric has been stacked and arranged, ready to be snipped into usefulness.

Here are the sketches of some of my next projects:

I also found the most fabulous little tutorial from The Red Thread on how to make fabric tape, ooooh so precious. In fact this entire blog and shop are marvelous. The little Ooshka dolls are perfectly charming!

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Such a delightful weekend — how sweet to have family from every corner perched under our roof for our first Christmas. I think our little row-house was quite bursting with love and good cheer (along with a continual flow of good coffee, spinach dip and uncrackable nuts).

On Christmas eve day, after popping out to see The Tourist with Mr. T’s family, both my new sister in law and I were presented with the most beautiful handmade stockings. My dear mother in law had stitched each sequin on by hand. Oh this picture does not do justice to the expert craftsmanship!

Of course it had birds on it, which just warmed my little heart to no end. On Christmas morning, I woke up to my husband saying that Santa had come! The stockings all had been taken down by the fireplace and were sitting full of little presents (the girls, got beautiful pens, fabulous little leaf journals — 4″X4″, so cute!!!, and then a lovely SBUX giftcard).

This Christmas morning, was full of new traditions for all of us — showers and coffee a must, watching White Christmas, then a pleasant brunch of quiche, bacon and fruit. THEN Christmas gifts! Without doing a complete inventory (although the VS PJs and Real Simple Mag made me coo with delight), the highlights were from my sweet husband: A Russian SBUX Travel Mug (I have no idea how he found this, I didn’t think it was possible to find these anymore), and a beautiful brown and teal Vera bag.

I must say, that it was the thought that counted for all these dear gifts. Such love was shown and given on our little Christmas as Elle Street Inn, I surely was thanking the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness to us all.

Although I didn’t take pictures of the food (too busy hostessing and enjoying family). Here is what the Christmas menu turned out to be:
1. Christmas hickory smoked Smithfield Ham
2. Mashed potatoes and gravy
3. Stuffing (half cornbread, half regular)
4. Texas toast
5. Collard greens
6. Creamed corn
7. Mama B’s homemade applesauce
8. Cranberry sauce
9. French cut green beans
10. Baby dills and pickled okra
11. Selection of blush and red wines

Dessert: Apple crumb pie, pecan pie, cherry pie & pound cake

Appetizers throughout the day included the usual, but my particular fav is the Knorr Spinach Dip (with water chestnuts), and mixed nuts (not for the faint of heart, I can tell YOU!).

And that my friends was the menu & all the goings on at the Elle Street Inn.

Today is a normal Monday for the T’s. I intend to use my fabulous Gap coupon (BOGO!), merely out of principle and then settle down for a quiet evening of sewing (and re-made ham and sauerkraut).

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Alright dear friends. For those who grace my FB area, y’all are well aware of my proposed attempts at a Chicken Liver Paté.

Now, to provide a smidge of context: On our honeymoon, Mr. T and I had the most fabulous paté sampler at a simply divine French Restaurant. I loved each of the patés and was eager to try them at home. So, when I found that I had spare livers from a wee cornish hen, I was ready and eager!

Here is the recipe I used for inspiration, though I modified it considerably.

* 1 lb chicken liver
* 1/2 cup butter, softened
* 2 tablespoons lemon juice
* 2 teaspoons salt
* 1/2 teaspoon pepper
* 1/2 cup grated onion (or more to taste)
* 1 -2 clove garlic, mashed
* 4 eggs, hard boiled
* 2 tablespoons cognac (optional)
* 1 cup chopped fresh parsley (optional)

So, I only had a few ounces of liver, so I made about an 1/8th of the recipe. Here are the little guys (don’t look SO eager to be a paté??)

Started by sautéing the livers wrapped in garlic and salt.

Once livers were fully cooked (i.e. a milky brown color). I set aside. The caramelized some diced onions in the same pan (allowing the flavors to blend a bit).

I then placed, livers, onions, 1 tsp of crushed garlic, 1 tsp kosher salt, and 2 hard boiled eggs into a little food processor and blended for about 90 seconds. I then scraped the sides, added more spices (salt, garlic, black crushed pepper), and blended until smooth (about another 90 seconds).

Once smooth, I scooped it out of processor and placed it in a custard dish. Wrapped the top and chilled overnight.

I have to admit, I’m a little wary of my creation. But, I think chilled an on toasted sour dough rounds, I will not be ashamed of my hard work.

If anyone is a pate expert. FEEL FREE to provide helpful tips!

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