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Mrs. T used to be a paid consultant.

She now consults for better pay, provides superior deliverables and is on the fast track to the good life.

LBD w/ essential skarf

For many years, Career was the focal point of my life — whether in preparation of or actually engaging in. However, when Mr. T came along I realized that there needed to be a shift if I was to achieve what would truly bring me great joy. The Word calls wives to respect and honor their husbands, provide them a sweet home that is a haven, and proactively seek to encourage continuously. I looked at my life and realized I could do Career or Mr. T. very well or both partly well. I chose to do one very well, Lord willing. So. A new season opened and I tried something I had never done before. Left Career for a much sweeter Life.

Many blogs are helpful, some are witty, others informative, some are simply tid-bits of an online journal. The purpose of Elle Street is to pass along the dear and sweet wisdom that has been poured into me by countless mentors. This is a place to ask the questions: Why did you do that? What does this look like? How does one plan for __? Answers not always following, but musings, verbal processing etc. will be included. Of course wit will be essential. Wisdom without wit is snooty.

Here’s to new beginnings and the road to the good Life.

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