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The past few days have been a whirlwind of travel, snow, sisters, skirts, showers, and finally for me, sun!

I am so excited to finally be enjoying some beautiful real live sunshine, as it has been a bit dismal January for the Elle Street Inn. But now! A delightful full-fledged dose of vitamin D.

During the whirlwind, my sisters continued to be my little minions of creativity and cleanliness. We polished the Inn top to bottom in preparation for the shower today! They must have felt like little Cinderella’s. Oh dear. But we did make it a sunny spic & span slice of home, and hopefully a spot full of bunting, festoons and navy blue cheer. After the cleaning frenzy, we made the sweetest little favors. The favorite tea of the sweet couple is “Lady Grey”, and conveniently for us, the Twining’s version is a crisp beautiful blue. These are the raw materials.

For each favor we’d attach a flag & label to each tea-bag with a shiny red staple. Almost forty staples later… Ta-da!

I have to say these are some of the most enjoyable little favs I’ve ever done. I am certainly looking forward to the next time I can use this snaky idea. Imagine what you could do for Valentine’s Day party! Perhaps a Chai or English Breakfast (Red) with a English Afternoon (Pink), tied into little parcels with cream chiffon and a little rosette?

Speaking of Valentines Day. I’ve promised you all some vintage vals. So. Here you are. If I were you…I’d print this out 6 to a page, clip with edged sheers, and hand stitch with pink thread to brown paper. Write a sweet message on the back and throw into a pink envelope.

The Graphics Fairy

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Just about finished the beautiful vision of green loveliness that you see here. I am very excited with how it turned out. Perfect lines, lovely seams, and the fabric really has the most rich sheen to it. A dear red-headed friend of mine went crazy over the green green green of it. We may end up fighting over the dress, or I’ll make another and we’ll just be twinkies. Fabulous.

In addition to the green sewing dash of Friday, I also have continued on the bunting quest. BUT I have promised Mr. T, that the bunting will end soon. Soon soon soon. If I were to do it over, I may make the bunting larger, the little flags do take a bit long to snip, seal and string. BUT. As I said. Soon I will be finished and it will be lovely.

Realized on Saturday night, that while I’ve been sewing and painting madly all fall and winter, I haven’t up-graded the den throw pillows. Now, if there is any insult to a true seamster-sewstress like myself, its the “come with the couch throw pillows” sitting in glory for a full 6 months with no reproof or polish. Ah ha. So, I dashed up to the green room (my sewing lair), whipped out some brown country toiled I’d been saving, and made a cover for one offending pillow. What do you think?

I just love the detail of this toile. The country scene is quite dear. Although, I admit. In my haste to knock out the pillow I didn’t take the time to center the scene I liked best. So, the sheep are the grand center of my pillow. Alas.

Perhaps if I was a knitter like Mrs. Y @ Elegant Economy, the sheep would be appropriate. But as it is, I’m such an unreliable knitter, it is just mocking me 🙂

But this next detail is my favorite. The two sweet lovers. I think it’s the farmer and his wife when they were young. I may have to get my sister to write me a little story to go along with the pillow. There is so much going on in toile. Many hidden treasures to find & imagine.

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MmmMm. Great to start on a project, but even more fun to be right in the middle of it, enjoying the progress — in my case one bunting flag at a time.

Been slowly working on the bunting. Yesterday added the fusible interfacing strips to the flags to make them reversible. And really, I must say they look marvelous. What do you think?

And now, once sewn and strung up around my little shadow box (complements of my dear Grandfathers), dont they look just about as precious as you can get? I must say, I do love the little ones. But I always love little things. Cannot resist.

Naturally one would like a detail pic of the birdie salt shakers.

I’m only about 25% done with the bunting at this point. Many more ironing and stitching phases in store for Mrs. T. But it is coming along just swimmingly. Thought you’d enjoy a status check.

Yesterday a dear friend also popped over, and we made cupcakes from scratch! They are the Mud Cupcakes that are supposed to be lava-ish and gooey in the middle. Ours were magnificent, although we didn’t quite achieve the lava-levels in the middle. Here is a snap of the inspiration and creation.

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The bloggoworld is full of cloth bunting these days.

Little buntings on cakes, medium on pillows and large ones for children’s rooms.

I was wondering what BUNTING actually was, so I wikipedia-ed it. And this, is what I got:
* Bunting (bird), a group of birds
* An infant sleeping bag
* The act of laying down a bunt, a type of offensive play in baseball (???)
* Bunting (textile), a lightweight cloth material often used for flags and festive decorations ta da!
* Bye, baby Bunting, a nursery rhyme (presh).
Then of course there are the endless names of Sir Bunting, of Buntville Cakes (and such, :))

So. I am making a bit of bunting for a dear friends shower. Her colors are blue, navy, cream, and blue. So I pulled all my extra blues out of my fabric cupboard and am setting to work.

My goal is to make this sort of bunting (which I labeled “Circus Garland”)

Hopefully this will turn out quite sweet, if not I will tear apart and turn into a patchwork quilt. And put up paper crape and *tears* instead 🙂

Tutorials. I found a few when google-ing “how to make bunting.” But I think I’ll just wing it on my own and post the tale tmr.

Guiding Framework:
1. Snip triangles (and seal)
2. Secure together (or to a ribbon)
3. Hang & festoon about the room.

Potential Pot-holes:
1. May need to purchase pinking sheers.
2. Will do small flags to I can get more color variety (I’m thinking 4″ long, with a 3″ base)
3. Will snip original flags by hand (don’t have my rotary cutter yet), then hair-spray edges to seal (in the event the pinks don’t get purchased pre party)

BUT. If you’d like to make a bunting TODAY. Here is a sweet little pic-by-pic guide by my Aunty at A SIMPLE LIFE

In other news, found the most dramatic Robert Cummings thriller yesterday, “Sleep, My Love.” I’m not sure if Gaslight was a remake of this or if this is a remake of Gaslight. Either way it was a delightful thrill to enjoy while hopping about on my week off. Don’t you just LOVE her dress (they really make the sweetest couple I’ve ever seen.)

Little snap of this charming pair in, "Sleep, My Love"

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