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Yesterday was one of my holiday days off — so aside from tidying the Elle Street Inn, and enjoying classic thrillers (Gilda, really was too much Rita for my taste — next time I’ll start doing movie reviews, perhaps. This one did NOT even make my top 50). But I did however, start a little green striped shift dress. I’ve had this fabulous daring material for quite sometime. I really can’t even remember when I purchased it. Maybe at a thrift store, or on the $1 bin at the Fabric Store? Who knows. BUT, I do know I’ve been saving it for something absolutely fabulous.

Over the holiday, pretty much every clothing store you’d pop into had a little shift dress cinched around the waist with some wide elastic. How brilliant. Simple use of cloth and essentials. Thought I’d try my hand at my own.

BR Dress, on sale for $79.99 🙂

Pulled out my trusty dressmaking book, Dresses by Wendy (fab resource by the way!).

1. Snipped patterns
2. Laid out both front and back on folds
3. Pinned & snipped

& now, we’re ready to sew. I worked on the neck & sleeves, but no pics. So that’s all for now friends 🙂

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Well ladies. It’s done 🙂 Here is a pretty snap of it’s fluffy loveliness:

The green is the most delicate sweet pattern, and the chiffon is a soft olive. Detail of the fabric:

I really must find a non-blue dress form someday. But for now, make do 🙂 I mentioned last time general steps for making this skirt, but here’s a more detailed tutorial on

“How to whip and snip a curtain into a fluffy little skirt”

1. Measure curtain to 1.5x around your waist (i.e. wrap fabric once around you, then wrap 1/2 around again).
2. Snip length.

(Leave in all casings, and seams)

Chiffon piece
3. Seal edges of chiffon by hair-spraying each edge. Wait to dry. Trim edges, so there are now lose treads &c.

4. Measure chiffon to the same length as skirt.
5. Fold chiffon as shown, and hem both tiers of the underlay.

6. Pin & sew to finished edge of curtain. Iron smooth.

7. Snip any unneeded material and bind seam.
8. Sew up the back (i.e. fold your skirt in half — right sides together — stitch up the unfinished seam). Be careful to sew all the way around the existing casing, so you don’t lose the home for your waistband.
9. Iron smooth.

10. Insert elastic through waistband casing. I usually measure the elastic by holding a piece snugly around my waist, and adding two inches.

11. Adjust elastic to be evenly smooth around skirt.
12. Stitch casing closed.
13. Primp, admire and adore.

This little sweet thing turned out great. For wearing out and about, I’d wear it with a little white tee, draping beads and throw a little vintage lace belt around it, or maybe a brown leather belt. Flats, wedges or boots. MmMmmm. Glam glam.

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So the new year is almost upon us, and my little Etsy shop (proposed to debut 15 Jan!) is coming along well. I’ve finally gotten my project room 100%. Here are some before and after pics:

Now that my working area is perfectly situated. The creativity can now commence! The fabric has been stacked and arranged, ready to be snipped into usefulness.

Here are the sketches of some of my next projects:

I also found the most fabulous little tutorial from The Red Thread on how to make fabric tape, ooooh so precious. In fact this entire blog and shop are marvelous. The little Ooshka dolls are perfectly charming!

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