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Oh what a delightful Friday it was!

I sewed until my little fingers were numb, and my baby belly was sore (how that happens, I have NO idea). As I was finishing up for the day, my sweetheart brought up a package we’d gotten in the mail. Not expecting anything, I was quite excited. What is better than a Friday parcel…from a dear friend?

To my delight, this was inside.

A preciously sweet bib — how appropriate considering his debut yesterday — and a perfectly gorgeous handmade aqua and chocolate baby coverlet. I wish I could capture how sooooooft and cuddly this coverlet is! It has velour, flannel, and a few squares of [southern] seersucker. If the baby is a boy, he’s getting a pair of seersucker pants to match his father’s (and now, this beautiful coverlet!).

What a dear friend, and how tremendously kind to just whip up this charming [and oh-so-Mrs.T] gift. Such blessings of friendship, family, and now this precious baby are quite humbling. Mrs. T has much to be grateful for!

SP11 Dress Batch Update:
Cruising along, and enjoying the measurement minefields. I can’t wait to meet the women who will be wearing the dresses — all I have for some are a few inches scratched onto a piece of paper. The mystery is unfolding a bit each day. Another disobedient zipper is installed, and more hand-sewing piles up as linings and hems appear. The colorblocking (french with royal navy blue…oh la la) has an absolutely amazing effect on me. The bride selected it — little knowing it would be one of the hottest trends this summer. She’s a visionary, what can I say?

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Love me a cafe au lait w/ french pressed coffee — sitting next to me in a cheery yellow cup right now.

This spring I was asked to sew bridesmaid dresses for a wedding. And, SUCH pretty dresses they will be! A rich summery marine blue with a hint of french blue round the hem & waist. Completely unique, but ridiculously gorgeous. The color blocking is extremely flashy this season, and I’m delighted to be creating such magnificent dresses 🙂

Rough Schedule of Events:
1. Some retro girly ideas

2. & then the approved concept.

3.Procured fabric.
4.Snipped first bodice in medium size to gauge pattern sizing.

5.Timed process, 1 complete bodice (pattern trim to complete seams = 3 hrs)

Well on our way to completing the prettiest bridesmaid dresses of the season.

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Just about finished the beautiful vision of green loveliness that you see here. I am very excited with how it turned out. Perfect lines, lovely seams, and the fabric really has the most rich sheen to it. A dear red-headed friend of mine went crazy over the green green green of it. We may end up fighting over the dress, or I’ll make another and we’ll just be twinkies. Fabulous.

In addition to the green sewing dash of Friday, I also have continued on the bunting quest. BUT I have promised Mr. T, that the bunting will end soon. Soon soon soon. If I were to do it over, I may make the bunting larger, the little flags do take a bit long to snip, seal and string. BUT. As I said. Soon I will be finished and it will be lovely.

Realized on Saturday night, that while I’ve been sewing and painting madly all fall and winter, I haven’t up-graded the den throw pillows. Now, if there is any insult to a true seamster-sewstress like myself, its the “come with the couch throw pillows” sitting in glory for a full 6 months with no reproof or polish. Ah ha. So, I dashed up to the green room (my sewing lair), whipped out some brown country toiled I’d been saving, and made a cover for one offending pillow. What do you think?

I just love the detail of this toile. The country scene is quite dear. Although, I admit. In my haste to knock out the pillow I didn’t take the time to center the scene I liked best. So, the sheep are the grand center of my pillow. Alas.

Perhaps if I was a knitter like Mrs. Y @ Elegant Economy, the sheep would be appropriate. But as it is, I’m such an unreliable knitter, it is just mocking me 🙂

But this next detail is my favorite. The two sweet lovers. I think it’s the farmer and his wife when they were young. I may have to get my sister to write me a little story to go along with the pillow. There is so much going on in toile. Many hidden treasures to find & imagine.

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Yesterday was one of my holiday days off — so aside from tidying the Elle Street Inn, and enjoying classic thrillers (Gilda, really was too much Rita for my taste — next time I’ll start doing movie reviews, perhaps. This one did NOT even make my top 50). But I did however, start a little green striped shift dress. I’ve had this fabulous daring material for quite sometime. I really can’t even remember when I purchased it. Maybe at a thrift store, or on the $1 bin at the Fabric Store? Who knows. BUT, I do know I’ve been saving it for something absolutely fabulous.

Over the holiday, pretty much every clothing store you’d pop into had a little shift dress cinched around the waist with some wide elastic. How brilliant. Simple use of cloth and essentials. Thought I’d try my hand at my own.

BR Dress, on sale for $79.99 🙂

Pulled out my trusty dressmaking book, Dresses by Wendy (fab resource by the way!).

1. Snipped patterns
2. Laid out both front and back on folds
3. Pinned & snipped

& now, we’re ready to sew. I worked on the neck & sleeves, but no pics. So that’s all for now friends 🙂

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