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5.12A &c.

Mrs. T had a catastrophe Sunday morning.

After an early morning of coffee, left-over breakfast quiche and budget allocation. Mr. & Mrs. T were getting ready for church. Only for Mr. T to find that he had no “crisp white shirts.”

With all the buzzing round I do every moment of the day, I learned that there are some prioritization essentials that absolutely MUST be accounted for. Simple as Food & Clothing, Morsel & Rag.

Menu Planning
Meal Evaluations (“Babe, how often do you want Tacos?” “2-3 times a week sweetheart :)” “Got it!”
Cleaning Kitch
Packing Lunches
Having enough clean plasticware for lunches

Laundry (in my case, lugging eco-bags over to laundry place, or trespassing upon the kindness of friends with washers)
Folding/Putting/Poking Clothes
Determining Tie Selection for the Week
Shirts to Cleaners on THURS
Pants to Cleaners on THURS
Fashion Evaluation — periodic review of clothing and favorite outfits to eliminate danger of FRUMP

Such simple items. How much time they take if done with vim, vigor and perfection.

So, what I do I do at 5.12A …after Mr. T has left for work? I do Food & Clothing, Morsel & Rag…bit of shelter. Check the list.

Hearts to you all in your Morsel & Rag endeavors.

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