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Aren’t these the most beautiful shoes you’ve ever seen? These are my favs from the current shoe offering. I must say, after reading blog after blog and seeing cute adorable little flats with precious little bows and flowers, who isn’t just dying to make some at home? In my little shop, I try to stick with the traditional and ever versatile bow. But, who can resist a little flower or bit of silk?

Here is a lovely tutorial from Ms. Jewel Box Ballerina on how to make it yourself. Enjoy! I’ll post pics of my endeavors tomorrow.

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Busy Tuesday! Barely had time to tweet! But the birds have been snipped (will be strung today!). Thanks to some sweet little pint-sized helpers. If those little felt birdies could talk, they would have many giggles to share.

In addition to snipping birds out of felt, one of my favorite, instant gratification projects, is to transform tired (but great conditioned) shoes into new visions of loveliness. Did you ever read the part in Little Women, where Amy paints her boots blue? Jo lets her secret out when they are visiting society friends. Amy just about died with mortification. These days its not so terrible to repaint and refinish shoes. But every time I do, I think of poor little Amy March.

Here is the before — after I removed the wretched gold squiggles.

And now, with little black satin bows, sewn neatly in place.

I really wouldn’t be able to resist these…but alas, not my size 😦

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Happy brand new baby year. The old man of 2010 seems quite glad to have passed on to better things.

So. Mrs. T did manage to complete her TY-notes in time to celebrate the new year with Mr. T.

New Year’s Eve. We had a delightful afternoon, watching the first Lord of the Rings (MEMORIES!). Then enjoyed a country Cajun dinner of pork chops, collard greens, cucumber salad and roasted potato sliders (another post will detail my recipes).

New Year’s Day. We woke up early, and with coffee in hand, I attacked the kitchen. I absolutely HAD TO domain the bakers rack. It had started having a mind of its own — and I needed to go through and reorganize (make a bit of room for some new treats Mr. T got me for Christmas). That afternoon we headed over to a dear friends New Year’s Day Fete. I just couldn’t go empty handed, so I scurried up to the Green Room and created these little darling wreaths out of simple materials.

1. Steal 3 little wreaths from Christmas Tree (by little I mean, 3″ in diameter)
2. Plug in [NEW] Mini Hot Glue Gun
3. Snip felt into flowers & bows
4. Glue bow and attach with feathers to wreath 1
5. Glue flowers and attach to wreath 2
6. Glue flowers and mini-gems to wreath 3
7. Admire and adore 🙂

Wreaths tucked on a little bit of paperboard with pink striped wrap beneath.

Close ups of each (just for fun). My favorite was the feather one. SO. Presh 🙂

So. I brought these along, wrapped in brown paper looking oh so cute. As I take down the tree today, I intend to transform each of the little wreaths into sweet winter cheery creations. So excited for what feathers, gems and a bit of glue will do for them!

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I was reading a blog on how to blog, and it said one of the worst things you can do is have a bad post title. I hung my head in shame, and thought…oh dear “Thrifting” really wasn’t exactly the most dramatic title, but, but, but it was descriptive!

So. I went thrifting again with a dear friend on Saturday. With coffee in hand and carrots in good supply we headed on our quest. I tell you, speaking of a losing streak. I lost any “luck” I ever had with thrifting. We went to five different places, and it was one extreme to the next.

Stop #1.
In this one (as my tweet mentioned) everything was horribly overpriced. It didn’t feel like thrifting, it was regularly normal prices for tired items. Sad, but moving on!

Stop #2.
This one was tucked so far in it was difficult to locate. We managed to finally find it, and tip-toed in hoping the musty smell was the smell of good deals. Alas no. We did find one treasure. A WELL preserved 1980’s formal gown. If I’d been party worthy in the 80’s I would have worn this dress.

Stop #3.
We were looking for #3 but saw a sign, and thought…I guess this is the one. Oh dear. This was a quite an experience. There were piles of shoes and electronics when you walked in, one rack of clothes, and in the back were stacks and stacks of car tires. We politely made the scape, and the scooted out. Across the street we saw another sign for one…so we continued on.

Stop #4.
This one was closed, retail space available, but the sign was too much to resist.

Stop #5.
Thrift Store. Ahhh, we made it! This store was lovely. Normal peaceful selection, thrifty prices. Actually this one had the best selection of old Bridal gowns I’d seen. Again, I saw one that was so beautiful and preserved. I would have worn it, had I been born a few decades earlier (and if Mr. T had been born earlier. Essential.) I found some curtains that will be turned into aprons soon. $2.99, and boy was I happy 🙂

I heard one lady at my favorite T-store say last Wednesday “You don’t think anyone will shop on Friday if they know we have a sale on Monday?” Wahhhhoooo. So Monday, today, I may poke my head in. Just for a split second.

Felt Update: Check our Mrs. Priss. She’s got some great felt on! Felt Hair Bows: Dying sweet deaths inside. Oooooh la LA!

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Was sniffing around on my Aunty’s blog, and what do I find? THE most precious pic of a little felt pomander ball. When I was quite young, I made one out of an orange and cloves with a piece of light teal silk wrapped all round. It was for my doll, Felicity.

So prech. But this one is way cuter. Love it love it love it. I think felt has taken hold of me. It really must stop.

Here is the How-To!

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