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Have you ever looked in your fridge and wished that there were less packaging bits, and more fresh pure ingredients? Then when at the store the extra 25% $$ of the organic items poke us right back to our happily enriched lives.

I think part of the intense and evil cold I contracted over the weekend impacted my absolutely fiendish desires to grow my own oranges, churn my own butter, and hire pigs to sniff out my mushrooms. AND the overall “pure push” I’m now feeling. But in moderation, I do think a bit of the DIY-@Home is great for the moral if not for the body.

Usually the T’s are content with a lot of produce, meat, some pasta and of course cheese. But recently I have had the keenest desire for homemade diary and breads/starches. So, again I will commence my cooking escapades. Here is the running list. May add more depending on success of #3 & 4
1. Butter
2. Bread
3. Yogurt (again, I think WHOLE milk is the trick)
4. Sour Cream
5. Pasta

So. Yesterday, on a calm sweet Sunday afternoon, while my sweetheart was playing guitar, I took it into my head to make butter. I had purchased the only ingredient necessary: heavy whipping cream.
I had hoped to post pictures of the progress, but I was so eager to be done with it, I didn’t document as I ought to have. So. Here are the ingredients and output of my excellent Sunday afternoon:

I have to say, making butter really is the easiest thing on the planet. These are the steps I took:
1. Shake little container of cream until cream thickens into butter*
2. Separate buttermilk, using a cheesecloth is best, but a firm spoon pat is also fine
3. Eat butter on toast or some other delightful treat

* this time, I shook it in the little carton for about 10 minutes, then transferred it to a clear container, shook for another 5 minutes. At which point I’d made whipped cream, and was slightly fearful I’d committed my cream to whip instead of butter! But, then transferred the whip into mixing bowl. Used electric mixer to mix until it obediently separated into butter & milk. YAY!.

And that my friends is it. When I make it again, I promise to show the unromantic steps.

If you still must have pics of the process, I refer you to Ms. Joy’s “Joy, the Baker.” She did a great job, but I don’t think you need the big mixer — if you have a little hand one, that works great too 🙂

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5.12A &c.

Mrs. T had a catastrophe Sunday morning.

After an early morning of coffee, left-over breakfast quiche and budget allocation. Mr. & Mrs. T were getting ready for church. Only for Mr. T to find that he had no “crisp white shirts.”

With all the buzzing round I do every moment of the day, I learned that there are some prioritization essentials that absolutely MUST be accounted for. Simple as Food & Clothing, Morsel & Rag.

Menu Planning
Meal Evaluations (“Babe, how often do you want Tacos?” “2-3 times a week sweetheart :)” “Got it!”
Cleaning Kitch
Packing Lunches
Having enough clean plasticware for lunches

Laundry (in my case, lugging eco-bags over to laundry place, or trespassing upon the kindness of friends with washers)
Folding/Putting/Poking Clothes
Determining Tie Selection for the Week
Shirts to Cleaners on THURS
Pants to Cleaners on THURS
Fashion Evaluation — periodic review of clothing and favorite outfits to eliminate danger of FRUMP

Such simple items. How much time they take if done with vim, vigor and perfection.

So, what I do I do at 5.12A …after Mr. T has left for work? I do Food & Clothing, Morsel & Rag…bit of shelter. Check the list.

Hearts to you all in your Morsel & Rag endeavors.

NEXT: [Automne 2010 Fashion, 4.5 Essential Fashion Items & Upgrades]

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