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MmmMm. Great to start on a project, but even more fun to be right in the middle of it, enjoying the progress — in my case one bunting flag at a time.

Been slowly working on the bunting. Yesterday added the fusible interfacing strips to the flags to make them reversible. And really, I must say they look marvelous. What do you think?

And now, once sewn and strung up around my little shadow box (complements of my dear Grandfathers), dont they look just about as precious as you can get? I must say, I do love the little ones. But I always love little things. Cannot resist.

Naturally one would like a detail pic of the birdie salt shakers.

I’m only about 25% done with the bunting at this point. Many more ironing and stitching phases in store for Mrs. T. But it is coming along just swimmingly. Thought you’d enjoy a status check.

Yesterday a dear friend also popped over, and we made cupcakes from scratch! They are the Mud Cupcakes that are supposed to be lava-ish and gooey in the middle. Ours were magnificent, although we didn’t quite achieve the lava-levels in the middle. Here is a snap of the inspiration and creation.

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So the new year is almost upon us, and my little Etsy shop (proposed to debut 15 Jan!) is coming along well. I’ve finally gotten my project room 100%. Here are some before and after pics:

Now that my working area is perfectly situated. The creativity can now commence! The fabric has been stacked and arranged, ready to be snipped into usefulness.

Here are the sketches of some of my next projects:

I also found the most fabulous little tutorial from The Red Thread on how to make fabric tape, ooooh so precious. In fact this entire blog and shop are marvelous. The little Ooshka dolls are perfectly charming!

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