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The bloggoworld is full of cloth bunting these days.

Little buntings on cakes, medium on pillows and large ones for children’s rooms.

I was wondering what BUNTING actually was, so I wikipedia-ed it. And this, is what I got:
* Bunting (bird), a group of birds
* An infant sleeping bag
* The act of laying down a bunt, a type of offensive play in baseball (???)
* Bunting (textile), a lightweight cloth material often used for flags and festive decorations ta da!
* Bye, baby Bunting, a nursery rhyme (presh).
Then of course there are the endless names of Sir Bunting, of Buntville Cakes (and such, :))

So. I am making a bit of bunting for a dear friends shower. Her colors are blue, navy, cream, and blue. So I pulled all my extra blues out of my fabric cupboard and am setting to work.

My goal is to make this sort of bunting (which I labeled “Circus Garland”)

Hopefully this will turn out quite sweet, if not I will tear apart and turn into a patchwork quilt. And put up paper crape and *tears* instead 🙂

Tutorials. I found a few when google-ing “how to make bunting.” But I think I’ll just wing it on my own and post the tale tmr.

Guiding Framework:
1. Snip triangles (and seal)
2. Secure together (or to a ribbon)
3. Hang & festoon about the room.

Potential Pot-holes:
1. May need to purchase pinking sheers.
2. Will do small flags to I can get more color variety (I’m thinking 4″ long, with a 3″ base)
3. Will snip original flags by hand (don’t have my rotary cutter yet), then hair-spray edges to seal (in the event the pinks don’t get purchased pre party)

BUT. If you’d like to make a bunting TODAY. Here is a sweet little pic-by-pic guide by my Aunty at A SIMPLE LIFE

In other news, found the most dramatic Robert Cummings thriller yesterday, “Sleep, My Love.” I’m not sure if Gaslight was a remake of this or if this is a remake of Gaslight. Either way it was a delightful thrill to enjoy while hopping about on my week off. Don’t you just LOVE her dress (they really make the sweetest couple I’ve ever seen.)

Little snap of this charming pair in, "Sleep, My Love"

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