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One of my friends got a book for Christmas called the “Forgotten Art of Letter Writing” …or Something like that. Any of these from Amazon may fit the bill

In it, it gives each and every detail about the etiquette, style and such for writing letters. One tid-bit I found particularly stinging was this: “If you have time to surf the web for 10 minutes, you have time to write a note.” Flashing into my mind at that moment: 52 uncompleted TY notes from the wedding!!!! OH. DEAR.

Thankfully, I have finished the Christmas Thank You notes, but now, Mrs. T must push forward and complete the ones that should have been done already. And, as everyone was so incredibly generous and gave us such beautiful useful things, how can I not just sit down and zip through them? I can! &. I will.

Hopefully all will be postmarked 31 December 2010.
Gorgeous clips from this delightful blog!
(Imagine this is posted 31 DEC.)


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